Cybersaurus 1.0

Defeat the robotic dinosaurs to save our home planet!

They come from the Dark Side. We call'em Robosaurs. From the image of the ancient dinosaurs they forge their metallic bodies. They bring oblivion an destruction. Only a few of us survived. Some of us think they evolved from dinosaurs. Our galaxy was their home for millions of years. Now they want it back. In an effort to counteract the attack we built our last chance: The Raptor9000, a human guided robosaur.

Destroy the neural link and the Robosaur's MainFrame in order to defeat our enemies and return home! Explore 6 stunning planets (11 maps fully 3D) with outstanding backgrounds!
Navigate through the solar systems using the interactive 3D map and destroy the robosaurs

Game features include:

  • 11 full 3D levels, 6 different planets and environments
  • 3D Engine with astonishing light system
  • It also supports landscape mode for 320x480 devices (on supported devices)
  • 3D Audio engine
  • Full 3D Animations
  • Different characters: every enemy has a different AI
  • Adventure style.In order to finish the game you have to accomplish various tasks such as collecting items, etc

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Cybersaurus 1.0

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